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All bike servicing with the exception of: tube/ tire changes and small adjustments will require a booking. If you are in need of a tube/ tire change or a small adjustment feel free to drop by the shop anytime during our opening hours. 


Booking a service:

The process for getting a bike service booking starts with getting a quote from one of our staff members. On our website navigate to our quote booking page and pick a time that works best for you. Bring your bike in at the advised date and staff will help assess what maintenance is needed and book you in.   


Alternatively phone our shop number and one of our staff members can quote over the phone, then book your bike service at the next available time slot. Please be advised that staff may request you to bring in the bike for a better assessment


How long will a quote take?

A quote is free and will normally take between 5 - 10 min. A bike that is booked in for a quote cannot be left at the store. Bikes will need to be dropped off closer to the service date.

When can I drop off my bike?

Bikes can be dropped off 2 days before or the morning of your booking. If you are dropping off the morning of the booking, please have the bike at the shop no later than 11am. Bikes dropped off later than 11am may result in delayed pick up times. If special arrangements are needed please mention this to staff when making the booking.

I have a bike emergency!!

Contact the store and we can try to assist getting the fix done in a timely manner. 

Do I need to pay upfront?

Please note that some services will require new parts to be ordered in, this can require a $70 down payment (see terms and conditions). Part availability can potentially delay the service time of your bike. If a quote exceeds $350 a down payment of $100 is required.

When will my bike be ready?

Your bike will be ready at the latest in the afternoon (4pm) of your booking date, unless advised otherwise. We will send a text to your mobile phone when your bike is ready for collection. It is required that the bike is picked up within 3 days of this notification. Please be at the store before our closing hours to collect your bike. See our opening hours for more information. 

Will I receive a booking notification?

Text or email will be sent out 2 days prior to the booking. If you are unable to make it please contact the shop now. See terms and conditions if you have made a down payment.



10% off General & Basic service


Tube Change

$10 - Tube Change


$15 - Tube Change (E-bike & Internal Hubs)




Terms and Conditions 
  • Our mechanics have the right to refuse service on any bikes we deem too unsafe. Please understand that this is due to liability reasons. 

  • Quotes given are an estimation of price. Please understand that unforeseeable costs can come up. It is standard procedure to contact customers before the service is performed if the quote is greatly exceeded. 

  • Our workshop and mechanics are not equipped to service any electric vehicles including: electric bikes and scooters. However the servicing of the ‘bike’ side of an electric bike is accepted. 

  • Tube changes are non-refundable. However if you do get a flat soon after a tube change we can refund if: a mechanic deems a fault in the tube or a fault on the installation process.

  • Self installation/ maintenance gone wrong with parts sold from the workshop is not covered under warranty.

  • If service (over $150) requires parts to be ordered in $70 down payment is required

  • If quote is over $350, a down payment of $100 is required

  • Down payments are non refundable if: service appointment is missed, canceled after parts are ordered or booking canceled less than 24hr prior to service.

Price Brake Down

**All services exclude replacement parts**


$10 - Tube Change


$15 - Tube Change (E-bike & Internal Hubs)


$40 - Brake Adjust (Front & Rear)

Inspect brake pads & brake cables

Tension cables

Adjust brake pads

Test ride


$50 - Gear Adjust (Front & Rear)

Inspect chain, & brake cables

Adjust limit screws 

Tension cables

Lubricate chain

Test ride


$70 - Basic Service

Inspect brake pads & brake cables

Adjust brake pads

Inspect chain & gear cables

Adjust limit screws 

Tension brake & gear cables

Lubricate chain

Quick clean

Test ride


$110 - General Service

Inspect wheel & true

Inspect brake pads & brake cables

Inspect chain, cassette, chainrings & gear cables

Inspect derailleur hanger & straighten 

Inspect headset & adjust 

Adjust brake pads

Adjust limit screws

Tension brake & gear cables

Lubricate chain

Check nuts & bolts

Quick clean

Test ride



$30 - Drivetrain Clean


$50 - Full Bike Clean


$50 - Headset or Bottom Bracket Service


$40 - Hub Service

Replace Axle/Cones $20


$40 - Brake Bleed (per brake) 

Replace olive and/or hose $20


$40 - Tubeless Install (per wheel)


$40 - Wheel True (per wheel)

Nipple or spoke replace $15


$80 - Bike Build


$100 - Wheel Build 


$80 - Custom Repair ($80 per hour)

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